Travel Information

Travel Information

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Official Travel Coordinator

The Organizer Committees of the 16th Workshop on Separation Phenomena in Liquids and Gases (SPLG 2023) has named Covitour Congresos SA as Official Travel Coordinator, in order to provide accommodation services in Buenos Aires as well as Transfer from/to the airports and tourist service in Argentina, as well as transfers to the conferences venue.

Covitour Congresos SA
Freire 1512 (1427) Buenos Aires - Argentina

Hotel Information

The Official Travel Coordinator will manage and offer a wide choice of hotels in different categories and rates at walking distance from the congress venue.

The selected hotels have made an enormous contribution in order to help the Organization of the SPLG 2023 and offer special rates to accommodate attendees.  If you want an alternative hotel, just contact Official Travel Coordinator, they will be offering some alternatives hotels.

Note: Do not contact the hotel directly; special rates will be available only through the use of the enclosed form.


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Pre and post tours

The Conference Committee of the SPLG 2023, recommend to take guaranteed services and has named to Covitour as Official Travel Coordinator in order to provide touristy services in Argentina and to planned some overland tours exclusively for attendees.

The month when the congress will be held is the most ideal time to visit the breath-taking spectacle of the Iguazú falls in a subtropical rain forest, the imposing setting of mountains, valleys and the irresistible attractive of the “Humahuaca creek” in the Argentine’s North West.

Registering for one or more of these tours will allow the opportunity to travel with other colleagues and friends enjoying the marvellous attractions of this county with group rates.

More information

For further information please contact the Official Travel Coordinator:


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Iguazú Falls

There is no way to describe the feeling when you stare at the falls from the walkways and the viewpoints. We only guarantee that you will never forget the overwhelming roar of thousands, millions of water. It is impossible not to feel small facing such an impressive place.

Iguazú Falls

The Andes: Salta   The Northwest

Even when Nature was extremely generous with this spot, the relevance of this place is not only the landscape but also the historical meaning. The whole region has been inhabited in the past; you will experience a great portion of pre-Colombian history, the Spanish Conquest and independent South America.

The Andes: Salta The Northwest